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Hello, my name is John Lyons. I teach guitar - western/acoustic guitar, electric guitar and ukuele. 

guitar lessons zürich

Downtown  Zürich Guitar Lessons

Now offering private guitar lessons at an exclusive address at beautiful downtown Limmatquai 72,  8001 Zürich. The view from the top floor apartment is simply breathtaking! Electric and acoustic guitar lessons both possible in Zürich.


Contact me for possible times: 076 414 20 25

Guitar Lessons in Regensdorf also available

John Lyons

is a passionate guitar teacher, live and studio guitarist, singer/songwriter and producer.
He has been playing guitar for more than 40 years, much of it spent in the USA, playing on stages from Michigan to Chicago to Florida.


John Lyons

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Electric Guitar

Dennis Karahusic

I highly recommend John Lyons! As a guitar teacher he is simply outstanding. His teaching methods are not only effective but also incredibly entertaining. Thanks to him, playing the guitar was really fun and continues to be so! I was particularly impressed by his dedication. When I broke my leg, he came to my house to continue classes. His flexibility and commitment are truly exceptional. If you want to learn guitar and are looking for a first-class teacher, look no further than John Lyons and Guitar School 8105. The important thing is to always practice at home!


Matthias H.

Learn from the best! My son (11 years old) has been learning to play guitar with John for a year and looks forward to every lesson. With his playful manner, John always manages to inspire my son. He listens to your wishes and turns every idea into something cool :)


Zarah Graf

John is a really good guitarist and teacher, I learned a lot in the past few months. I would recommend the guitarschool to everyone who would like to learn how to play the guitar.


Stefan G.

I've been going to John for a year now and I'm really very satisfied. The lessons are not based on the curriculum, but are individually tailored to my abilities and wishes and are also fun.
There's always something to laugh about with John and he also helped me find a guitar that I could then buy from him.

I can definitely recommend it.

Acoustic Guitar

Thomas Huber

Top Teacher, great experience and enough patience for beginners. 1st adress for Guitar Lessions - Classic or electrical! I can highly recommend John!

Classic Guitar

Landert Heizungen

Highly recommended. John is a very good teacher. I had 2 others before, but John is perfect as he keeps up with your pace without putting too much pressure. Since I didn't always have time, he is very flexible and everything fits. I can highly recommend this school. Keep it up John.

Tel / WhatsApp: 076 414 20 25

Limmatquai 72

8001  Zürich


Althardstrasse 10

8105 Regensdorf

Non-binding trial lesson: If you do not like the trial lesson, you do not have to pay for it.

10 lesson package: If you've enjoyed the trial lesson, we will send you an invoice for the package (CHF 1'050.00). It includes 10 lessons of 45 minutes. In this case, the trial lesson will be the first lesson of the package.




I am a professional guitarist and guitar teacher originally from Michigan, USA. Since 20+ years now living in Regensdorf/Watt, Zürich since 2001. I have a band and have written songs that are played on the radio. I love teaching guitar. I have played for more than 40 years and have lifelong experience teaching, on stage and in the studio. 

My main guitar school is located next to the train station in Regensdorf in the Kanton of Zürich.


I also teach guitar in Zürich at a beautiful location in the old town at Limmatquai 72.

As a beginner learning to play guitar, you’ll learn about parts of the guitar, scales, right and left hand form, chord progressions, strumming patterns, and more.  I teach guitar by teaching to play songs. We can choose the songs together so that you will be motivated.

For intermediate students, we can develop and expand your lead/solo playing and improvising skills, learn targeting chord tones, triads, scales as well as learn new chord inversions or  improve your rhythm and feel. I use Soundslice for creating and sharing custom 'Live TAB' with my students - it's a great tool for learning and you can use it at no extra cost.

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