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Conditions / Rules

Teaching conditions

Subscription/Abo conditions

Trial lesson
• If you do not attend any further lessons after the trial lesson, this lesson is free. 
• If you attend further lessons after the trial lesson, the trial lesson will be charged as your first lesson


Subscription duration
• Unless otherwise agreed, music lessons take place weekly.
• Unless otherwise agreed, each subscription covers 10 lessons
maximum 20 weeks (key date is the trial lesson).
• Unless otherwise agreed, a lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Missed lessons
• If you cancel lessons with less than 24 hours notice or not at all, they will
will be charged as having taken place (even in the event of illness).
• If lessons are canceled due to the fault of the teacher, I will endeavor to
to catch up on this as soon as possible. In any case, the subscription period is extended by
the number of lessons that have not yet taken place.

Subscription fee
• The subscription fee is 1'050.- Fr for 10 lessons, 45 minutes each.

• 5 lessons, 45 minutes each is also possible for the fee of 600.- Fr
• Before the second lesson you will receive an invoice for the total amount
Subscription fee.
• If the subscription fee is not paid after the third lesson (including trial lesson).
the lessons will be interrupted until the subscription fee has been paid
• Costs that arise from late payment, such as reminder fees and late payment interest
or operating costs are borne entirely by you.

Subscription renewal

• After 8 lessons have taken place, you will receive an invoice for the next 10 lessons. You may cancel your subscription anytime but no refunds will be given for any unused lessons.

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